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Quality schools out of reach for 250M Indian Children.

Despite having the world's largest student population, a significant number of Indian children don't have access to high-quality education, especially when it comes to English. Economic barriers often hinder their potential.

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal

An AI Tutor For Every Child!

At Supernova, we believe in breaking barriers with technology. Our promise is to bring a 24/7, Super Intelligent - AI Tutor to every child, regardless of their socio-economic background.

Here's A Sneak Peek Into The Future

NOVA is super-intelligent             NOVA IS all-knowing                NoVA IS friendly                     NOVA is Always Available                   NOVA is EMPATHETIC                     NOVA IS PATIENT

An Innovative Course for Kids 🚀

Speak & Learn with Nova AI

Engage with Nova AI: Interactive Activities &
Instant Feedback!

5 Accents
Understands 50+ languages
Instant Grammar Corrections
Many more

Byte-sized Daily English Activities

Handpicked interactive English activities, customized for your child. Just 20 Minutes Daily to English Mastery!

Roleplay Conversations
Vocabulary Boosters
Many more

Nova AI tutor- 24/7 available

24/7 Nova AI tutor available on your mobile for any of your English learning needs!

Speak & Translate
Find word meanings
Correct your grammar
Many more

Instant Reports & Personal Feedback

After each activity, detailed reports are generated, while your personal mentor consistently offers feedback and encouragement to inspire your child.

Personal Feedback
Badges, Streaks & Gems
Many more

Empowering Aspirations:
The AI Tutor Revolution 🔥


Students learnt with Nova AI


First Generation English Speakers


Had no access to good English tutors


Learning Minutes
with Nova AI

A New-age Learning Experience :
AI-led & Mentor Assisted 🤩

24/7 AI Tutor

The best English tutor at your fingertips! Learn English anytime, anywhere!

Personal Mentor

A personal mentor to guide & motivate your child in their learning journey!

Super-fun & Interactive
Learning Activities 😍

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Team Supernova 🤝

A stellar team from IITs and India's top startups

Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

Who is this course for?

Our AI Spoken English Course is designed for children aged 5-15 years.

How is the course structured?

When you join the Supernova AI Spoken English Course, you will be provided with premium access to Supernova Speak & Learn English app and a personal mentor. Your assigned personal mentor will onboard your child after an initial learning level assessment andwill curate the learning journey of your child throughout the course

What is the course fees?

Course fees will be determined based on the child's learning level and will vary between INR 4000 - 8000 for a 6 month course.

* Offers and schlorships will be provided based on academic counselling

What is the course duration?

The course is structured for 6 months for basic level.
Users can extend the course duration and app access as they move to intermediate & advanced level

Are there any requirements for enrolling in the course?

A smartphone with a good internet connection is required by the learner during the course

Can parents know about their child's progress?

Learning reports and teacher feedback is made available for parents on the app.

What is the time commitment required? What happens if my child is not available?

This is a self-paced course with flexible timings. We recommend spending atleast 20-30 mins daily practice for improving your child's English fluency.

If your child is not available for a few days, you can choose to pause the program and continue whenever they are back

Is there a trial available?

No, as it is a personalised course there are no trial classes offered at the moment.

How to join the course?

For more details regarding the course, you can reach us on Whatsapp @ +91 80500 52881 / +91 74112 16763 or on email on hello@gosupernova.live

Do you offer any additional support or resources for continued learning?

Supernova App will have additional resources like stories, lesson plans, quizzes, games and more. You can choose to extend app access at a nominal fee post course completion

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